You only have one chance to create a good first impression, therefore you need to be careful when buying a reception table for office. Your reception desk is the first point of contact for your visitors and can create or spoil the first impression of your office. This is why choosing the right reception furniture for your location and staff is so important. You must make sure that the reception area is both visually appealing and functional because it serves as the front window of your company. You’ll want to make sure to take the time to come up with a clear plan before starting such a big purchase.

Here Are What You Should Consider

Reception Area Space

How much room you want to allocate to your reception area will be greatly influenced by the size and configuration of your workplace. Make sure your reception area doesn’t make your guests and receptionists feel claustrophobic. and place the chair behind it. When you sit in that area yourself you can decide whether it will welcome you if you are waiting to meet someone in the same place after the furniture is in place.

Perfect Reception Desk Shape or Design

You may select from a variety of desk sizes and forms depending on your demands and available office space after accurately measuring your reception area. You should pick a reception desk that best meets the demands of both your guests and your receptionist from the several sizes available.

Single-surface reception desks

Both the transaction counter and the receptionist’s table have a single writing surface for use by visitors. These are available in a variety of sizes to fit one or more receptionists in your waiting area and can be straight or curved. This sort of reception desk also frequently appears in smaller sizes at dining establishments and other hospitality settings.

L-shaped reception desks

Include a main desk and a return that provides additional space for the receptionist to work. Although they exist in a variety of sizes to accommodate various company demands, the majority of L-shaped desks are so compact that they are best utilized by one receptionist at a time.

U-shaped reception desks

The U-shaped desk is one of the smallest U – shaped reception desks. If you have little space and want to do something creative when using this space you can consider a small corner desk. The U-shaped desk comes with a large tabletop that helps manage paperwork but takes up less space. Since it has an adjustable height, it is also ergonomic. Therefore, investing in such a desk would be a sensible option.

What to Consider When Buying Reception Furniture?

We’ve included a few factors below for you to think about when you choose your reception furniture. 

Available Space

The first thing you should consider when picking your reception furniture is how much room you have available for reception. The intention is not to create a congested reception area that makes your guests feel cramped. A bright, airy, and spacious reception that anyone would like to come to see.

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Creating a Lasting Impression

Remember that office reception is the first thing any visitor will interact with in your office, so make sure it’s worth visiting. To do this, you must choose reception furniture that will create a lasting effect. A thoughtful way to do this is to choose furniture in a way that reflects your business. The colors you choose and the layout you want to create should suit your business. For example, if this is a modern startup, you can think of getting a small modern reception desk, doing some whimsical decoration around, and placing artificial grass as a carpet. In short, make your entrance as welcoming as possible, making sure it reflects your business idea.


Comfort is one of the most important aspects when choosing ergonomic office furniture. Since we have been pushing the idea of having a welcoming reception from the beginning, you must remember that comfort plays an important role in ensuring this. Ensure that your reception area offers cushy, inviting chairs so that your guests may wait there stress-free. Although no one will want their guests to wait for hours, you should make sure that whatever time is spent is spent happily. In addition, you should also take care of the convenience of your receptionist as they take care of all visitors. Therefore, make sure that their seat is as comfortable as the guests so that they can work calmly and serve the guests

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